Everything takes place close to the historical center of the village. In the oldest bicycle garage of Manzat, still marked with the inscription

The name has been kept to host the associative project called "Mountain Makers". Almost hidden in the middle of a small street full of houses, only a few village elders remember today from this place to repair the two wheels.

"A nice wink to have this bicycle garage taken over and once again become a place for DIY, repair and innovation."

If the old garage is slowly taking shape and already have a few machines and tools installed on the tables, everything remains to be done. Nous estimons à trois ans la durée des travaux. The time to build everything from A to Z

The objective is that in 2023 we can welcome up to 6 international makers living in the village alongside local actors and working together in local and regional issues.


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The association was created in September 2020, an board is elected for one year by the members. Our statutes are visible below

(Paid members)

The association is managed and animated by a community of volunteer members and friends.
Annual membership is 35€


You can visit us at any time by simply making an appointment with one of the active members of the association

Some images from 2021

We like to meet more or less once a month to tinker, repair and innovate together around each other's projects. We come from very different professional and educational backgrounds. Our exchanges are therefore very rich in this sense.

There is always someone who has a solution to the other's problem!

About renovation, everyone is getting their hands dirty! It's great ! We all look forward to having this warm and equipped space in a few years.