20 Novembre au 20 Décembre 2022

This project is part of the continuity of the unprecedented commitment of fablabs and makers at the time of the Covid-19 crisis. From the first confinement, more than 400 Fablabs, Makerspaces and thousands of makers have voluntarily produced emergency medical equipment and distributed it throughout the country, meeting the local needs of medical establishments, hospitals, nurses, doctors, etc.

There are nearly 5 million units produced in total : faceshield, masks, valves, syringe pumps, respirators, gowns, hands-free kits, clips, sterilisation equipment, etc.

Reveal the full potential of distributed manufacturing and network production, pooling skills and resources despite the geographical dispersion and made possible by the development of digital technology.

Mountain Makers participate in a national distributed manufacturing project which aims to produce furniture adapted to the needs of digital animators and mediators. the furnitures, free , open-source ont été prototypés par les fablabs français en 2022. Ils peuvent être adaptés selon les pratiques des médiateurs du numérique.

It is a challenge to mobilise fablabs and makers from all regions, to demonstrate their ability to manufacture and adapt this furniture locally, in a short circuit

This national experiment of distributed manufacturing must allow highlight the potential for cooperation, pooling, exchange of skills and mutual aid, which are an integral part of the DNA of FabLabs and Makerspace.

You'll have to:

  • Establish the schedule du projet sur 4 semaines en relation direct avec les autres fablabs en France qui fabriquent aussi ces mobiliers;
  • To mobilise the community on the different stages of manufacture and assembly. Our members like to use their 3D printers and tools of all kinds for joint projects;
  • To manage machines in cooperation with partners fablabs. Indeed, we do not yet have a CNC and laser cutter. We will therefore use that of another fablab 40km from Manzat.

We are looking for a maker who:

  • Mastery of 2D and 3D software
  • Experience on CNC and Laser cutting machine appreciated
  • Interested in open-source and distributed manufacturing
  • Is independant
  • Know how to take intiative
  • Passed experienced in Fablabs, Makerspaces, Hackerspaces appreciated
Être présent durant les 4 semaines du projet est essentiel pour nous. Naturellement, en accord avec la communauté, le résident pourra prendre jusqu’à 4 jours de repos durant sa résidence (en plus des week-ends).

Driving license appreciated but will not be an important criterion of decision.

  • We will be happy to accommodate our resident in our guesthouse pendant ces 4 semaines. Située à quelques pas du Makerspace.
  • We plan 3 meals by day to our own charge
  • Also, for the work done le résident makers recevra 1500€.
  • The region is splendid and we will be happy to take the time to make it discover to you.
  • Mountain Makers members have different passions and activities. Our resident will be invited to join as much as possible to these experiences in and outside the village. (Ex: Hiking, Climbing, Fishing, Canoeing, Snorkeling, badminton, cycling, ...)

Entre le 20 Novembre et le 20 Décembre environ 100 Fablabs en France vont Fabriquer des mobiliers open-source à destination des collectivités territoriales dans le cadre d’une expérimentation nationale de fabrication distribuée unique en son genre ! 

  • ACTIVITIES : Build open-source furnitures
  • PERIOD : 4 semaines
  • DATES : 20 Novembre au 20 Décembre
  • TRANSPORT Included
  • MEALS : Included (3 meals/day)
  • APPLICATION DEADLINE : 15 Novembre 2022

Prêt(e) pour l’aventure !?

Additional elements on the project


Files and the manufacturing process are documented on the wiki dedicated to the national project



The digital inclusion cart is a transport tool and animation support for digital mediators produced by Paul Emilieu Studio


A portal for digital inclusion by Studio Idaë and Cyril Afsa in collaboration with La tréso, fablab in Malakoff


A small house for digital inclusion by Etrange Ordinaire and the FabLab of Nîmes


Mountain Makers defines a couple of “contact person” for each international resident. It's important to make sure that you can count on someone when you travel somewhere where you don't have a network (yet).

Emma Zamora

Michelin engineer

Emma Zamora
Lives in Clermont-Ferrand

"I am delighted to become the contact person for the resident to facilitate her/his arrival here in France and to make sure that everything goes well for her / him from the first to the last day. Make sure that he / she is well integrated and that he / she enjoys his / her stay in France.

Alex Rousselet

Project manager

Alex Rousselet
Lives in Manzat

"I am happy to be the contact person for the resident to help him/her in his daily work. I will be the networking person. Put him / her in contact with local and national makers who will help make this mission possible.


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